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About Red Scarf

Red Scarf, “ Honglingjin” (in Chinese), was established in 2012. We are a well-known Chinese lifestyle media dedicated to building up a community for the Chinese expats living, studying and working in the United Kingdom.


Why do we call ourselves Red Scarf? In China, outstanding primary school students who are helpful to others will join the Young Pioneers’ group. The Young Pioneers’ group will be awarded a red scarf to represent the honour. This is the initial intention of our company: in order to help more overseas students and Chinese expats live better in the UK, we provide them with ‘Life in the UK’ advice. This includes preparations for arrival/departure, admission instructions, visa applications, travel and other aspects of information. We show them what life is really like living in the UK such as where to enjoy eating, drinking and having fun like a local. We also dedicated ourselves as the culture bridge between China and Britain. We are committed to become the most trustworthy, positive and stylish Chinese media brand in the UK.


As of today, the company has been established for more than ten years, adhering to the principle of “never forget why you started”. Our media platform has included the official website, Red Scarf official APP, and social media accounts such as WeChat, Weibo, and RED (Xiaohongshu).


If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to [email protected]





Red Scarf,原名为“英国红领巾”,创始于2012年,是致力于帮助身在英国的留学生和华人更好地融入和享受英国当地生活的知名中文生活方式类媒体。






如果您想要联系我们,请发送电子邮件至 [email protected]

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