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About Red Scarf

Red Scarf is the UK’s most popular Chinese-language lifestyle and information portal. Red Scarf’s website provides tips, advice and insights on British life and culture for young Chinese people studying or working and living in the UK.


Red Scarf shares information, recommendations and advice with its readers, and partners with a number of carefully selected brands to showcase their offerings to the site’s fans and followers. The Red Scarf website provides high-quality, up-to-date information on everything from where to eat out and what to see and do in the UK, to where to find the best bargains.


Red Scarf also provides practical tips and guidance for readers on a wide variety of topics, ranging from National Insurance applications and visa (UK and other countries) extensions, right through to how to unblock a sink or find a job! Chinese people looking for everything from the best restaurants in UK cities to the most popular online shopping sites in the UK visit Red Scarf first, because they know that its regularly updated information and comprehensive insights into British living can save them time and money.


Readers return to Red Scarf time and time again to find answers to their questions, and to catch up on the latest deals.


Why Red Scarf?


Honglingjin means “red scarf” in Chinese, and red scarves have been worn by every primary school student in mainland China since 1949. The word “honglingjin” or red scarf is one that every Chinese person immediately recognises and remembers, and that is why the name Red Scarf was chosen to represent the interests of young Chinese people living in the UK.


Red Scarf is dedicated to serving the UK market, and the Red Scarf brand and logo are trademarked in the UK. Red Scarf is not affiliated with any other websites or social media accounts operating in other countries, some of which have tried to emulate this site’s success and reputation by using the Red Scarf name.


The Red Scarf Story


Red Scarf came into being in 2010, beginning as a personal account on Weibo (China’s largest social media platform and microblogging portal) operated by company founder Pauline Guo.


The intent behind Red Scarf was simple; to inspire and encourage young Chinese people in the UK to get the most out of their time here, and to provide advice and insights to help them to do just that.


As a result of the level of interest in Red Scarf’s Weibo feed and as an ever-increasing number of young Chinese people began to use it to find things to do in UK cities, Red Scarf Ltd. was formed in 2012, and the Red Scarf website as you see it today was created.


Over the following years, a number of other services were integrated into both the website and Red Scarf’s external supporting collateral, including a dedicated WeChat Official Account in 2013, the Red Scarf APP in 2015, and the Red Scarf Shopping Weibo in 2016.


Red Scarf also sends out regular email newsletter updates to the subscribers to highlight what’s new and keep readers up to date with the latest offers.


Today, Red Scarf is the go-to online resource for young Chinese people living in the UK, and readers return to the site time after time and tell their friends about it too, thanks to the Red Scarf’s strong reputation as the best Chinese-language lifestyle portal for Chinese people in the UK.


The Red Scarf Company Vision


Red Scarf’s company vision is to help and inspire people and make a positive difference in their lives, and everything that you find here is designed to achieve just this.


Red Scarf’s advice and insights simply allow young Chinese people to live better lives in the UK, and to get the most out of their time here.


Advertise with Red Scarf


If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by sending email to [email protected] and include your company’s name and website (if applicable) to request our Media Pack.

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