Red scarf is worn by every primary school student in mainland China since 1949. In Chinese, Red Scarf is called “Hong Ling Jin” and this is a name which every Chinese from mainland China would recognize and easily remembered. Here, it represents young Chinese people in the UK. 



At Red Scarf, we strive to introduce the British way of life to the Chinese audiences, looking after Chinese students in the UK and encourage more Chinese people to come study and visit the UK. For our audience, we offer a wide range of information such as food, shopping, travel and job opportunity and tips of studying and living in the UK to help Chinese students solving all kinds of problems. For business, we offer a range of advertising opportunities and PR, marketing consulting, if you think your brand or product fits in with our content and would like to know more about how we can help, please email




Red Scarf started as a micro-blog on Sina Weibo on December 2010, in 14 months, it had reached more than 100,000 fans and it is all managed by one person – Pauline Guo, the Founder of Red Scarf. She is a MA Marketing Communications graduate in year 2010 from London College of Communications. Her idea of creating her micro-blog was simple: to help Chinese students to live a better life in the UK, to share and inspire. Now, Pauline is the Chief Editor at to carry on her initiative.



For introduction about Red Scarf in Chinese, please read《致同学们的一封信》