About us
About Red Scarf

Red Scarf is the most popular and trusted UK lifestyle website in Chinese targets at young mainland Chinese people who live in the UK owned and managed by Red Scarf Limited, a London based online content marketing company that dedicates itself to two missions: helping young Chinese people to live a better life in the UK and helping UK companies to grow and develop within the UK-Chinese market.


Our Name


Red scarf is worn by every primary school student in mainland China since 1949. In Chinese, Red Scarf is called “honglingjin” and this is a name which every Chinese from mainland China would recognise and easily remember. We use it to represent young Chinese people in the UK.


Our Story


Red Scarf started as a personal Sina Weibo account (Chinese version of Twitter) in December 2010 by the company Chief Editor & Managing Director Pauline Guo, she is a MA Marketing Communications graduate from London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. Within 6 months, her Weibo account was suddenly became hugely popular among Chinese students with over 200,000 followers.


Her idea of creating Red Scarf was simple, to share, inspire and encourage young Chinese people to live a more active and enjoyable life in the UK. As an international student herself, Pauline understands the difficulties when coming to live in another foreign country and far away from home. She shares many useful information such as food, shopping, travel and all kinds of living tips which has been very helpful to Chinese people and especially for those who live in London.


In order to continue and carry on her initiative and offer more comprehensive information to her audience, Red Scarf Limited was created in 2012 and Red Scarf website packed with the most useful UK living information was live in May 2012. In 2015, the website received more than 3.6 million unique visitors, more than 25 millions pageviews which 75% were from the UK, 18% from China. Along the website, company weibo @redscarfuk was created at the same time to promote the website and offer sponsorship opportunities. Pauline now put all her time into Red Scarf Limited to carry on her initiative and managing the Red Scarf team.


At the end of 2015, Red Scarf website had more than 140,000 followers on Weibo. Apart from Weibo, we are also on WeChat, Instagram, Facebook and have our own email subscription database. Our WeChat account is growing rapidly, and it has becomes our most effective social media account.


Our Service


Everything we do is to make a connection and provoke response. In order to keep providing the most useful information to our audience, from time to time we can offer from basic advertising sponsorship to a more strategic planning and online marketing execution, we have almost everything you need to promote your brand in this niche but potential market.


Advertising & Design


If you want to advertise with us,as long as we think your brand fits in our contents, you can use our advertising services including planning, design and copywriting. Advertising with us is the best option in the UK which enables you talking directly to the Chinese audience. We also have our in-house designer to look after your promotional materials.


Marketing Communications


Each client is different and each industry will need to be handled differently. For our marketing service all we want is creating results. If you are looking for exciting marketing ideas which will drive your brand forward, we can help you to design a bespoke online campaign that will suit your need. You will have the flexibility and privilege to use most of our promotion channels and design service.


Our Client Selective Procedure


Due to our company’s mission statement, we have a very strict client selective procedure, we cannot accept all advertising and marketing inquiries. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us here, please include your company’s name and website (if applicable) when you send us a message, we will only reply to inquiries we see fit within our contents and audience’s interest.